Episode 6.14 – The Candidate – Big Spoilers

Back in February we posted this Big Rumour. We’ve now confirmed with multiple sources that this appears to be true. The only part that is still speculation is the list of survivors which was just guessed at by the original poster J, but everything else appears true.

It’s funny looking back at the comments in the Rumours page the number of people who cried fake.

As this involves potential death spoilers we’ve put this behind the usual Are You Sure button.

Jodi Lyn OΓÇÖKeefe Interview

Bandar Ceme OnlineDo we see how Sawyer and your character, Ava, meet?
No, you see us after weΓÇÖve already met.

Oh, so in the motel room is the first we see you?

Hmm. Does that mean you didnΓÇÖt get to play an ΓÇ£intimateΓÇ¥ scene with Josh?
I did get an intimate scene with Josh. YouΓÇÖll see. I donΓÇÖt want to spoil anything.

Something tells me thereΓÇÖs a good twist after Ava pulls the gun on Sawyer.

Did the director ask if you were good handling a firearm, to which you scoffed loudly?
No, no… That’s one of the first times where they’ve said to me, “We love your work and we love the way you hold a gun. So girl, go get him!”

I was going to ask if there are any parallels between what happens with Sawyer and Ava and what happens for him on the island, but based on what you said earlier….
I didnΓÇÖt read JoshΓÇÖs other stuff, because then I would know what was happening and I would have ruined it for myself.

Source: Full Interview – Fancast

Rebecca Mader Interview

Menang CemeThanks to LostAtSea for the heads up.

Did you always know you were going back when you left?
“No, I had no idea. I never thought I was going back again so when they called me and asked me to come back I was like ‘Yay! I’m in Lost again!'”

How did you feel when you got written out?
“I was gutted and disappointed because I felt that Charlotte’s story hadn’t reached a conclusion. I was having such a great time and I didn’t feel like I was ready to leave. I finished a long time ago and since then I’ve done four films and worked with all these other people and had amazing experiences. It was a blessing in disguise in a way, then I got to go back again. It all worked out in the end!”

How many episodes are you back for?
“I’m not sure. Definitely one, maybe more – I’m not sure. I’m not on the island though…”

Do you feature heavily in the episode?
“I think so, yeah. It’s not fleeting, thank God.”

Do you think fans will get closure on Charlotte’s story?
“No. It’s not brief but it’s unlikely to give a million answers. I can’t tell you why! I can’t wait for people to see it – it’s really, really cool.”

Source: Full Interview @ Digital Spy

Latest Tidbits From Kristin – March 15Th

Bandar CemeThanks to all of you that sent these in.

Cody in Brooklyn, N.Y.: I’m still hoping Locke-Locke will come alive on the island and Un-Locke, if you will, is a goner. Any insight?
Carlton Cuse, take it away: “We’ve said dead is dead and we’re not really going to go back on the rules, [but] I will say that there are surprises in store at the end of the series.” That’s what the Lost mastermind told us when I asked that exact question, and I predict they have something up their genius little sleeves!

Judy: Does Sawyer’s daughter Clementine (the one he had with Cassidy) exist even in the alt universe?
Not that I know. From what I’ve heard Sawyer is pretty lonesome.

Source: E! Online
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Episode 6.08 – Recon – Small Snippet

Menang CemeThanks to Judy and others for the heads up.

After several weeks of red herrings, non sequiturs and blind alleys, Lost (CTV – 7 p.m.; ABC – 9 p.m.) returns to one of the original characters most central to the core story. James (Sawyer) Ford (Josh Holloway), a.k.a. Jim LaFleur, is sent on a mission by the enigmatic Locke/Not-Locke (Terry O’Quinn), a mission that involves watching and listening, and reporting back to the Boss.

When tonight’s episode ends, Lost will be officially halfway through its selesai season.

Source: montrealgazette

Casting News For Finale

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