Latest Tidbits From Kristin – March 15Th

Bandar CemeThanks to all of you that sent these in.

Cody in Brooklyn, N.Y.: I’m still hoping Locke-Locke will come alive on the island and Un-Locke, if you will, is a goner. Any insight?
Carlton Cuse, take it away: “We’ve said dead is dead and we’re not really going to go back on the rules, [but] I will say that there are surprises in store at the end of the series.” That’s what the Lost mastermind told us when I asked that exact question, and I predict they have something up their genius little sleeves!

Judy: Does Sawyer’s daughter Clementine (the one he had with Cassidy) exist even in the alt universe?
Not that I know. From what I’ve heard Sawyer is pretty lonesome.

Source: E! Online
Posted By: The ODI