Latest From Kristin – March 17Th

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Why You’ll Love the Episodes Up Ahead: After hearing about what’s to come, I cannot tell you how excited I am about the simpulan episodes. Things are getting emotional. In a good way. You might cry watching episode 11. (Unless you’re dead inside.) And everything we’ve seen so far is starting to feel like a warmup. Get ready!

What the Island Is: For a couple weeks now, I’ve been teasing that a four-letter word will be used to describe the island. It has an O, and no A’s or E’s. Your simpulan clue is this: You’ll learn that word next week! Episode number nine is Richard Alpert’s (Nestor Carbonell) backstory and it is not to be missed.

What else you need to know (Spoilers ahead!):

– Someone we have not yet met will have an important message for Hurley next week.
– Fake Locke is going to tell Jin how he plans to get off the island, and it’s pretty juicy!
– There is a “package” up ahead that might be the most butterfly-inducing reveal so far this season.

Source: E!Online